“I am a designer of unique

experiences for every celebration.”

Every day, Chef Gerardo begins his work with the sunrise, considering it as his source of energy, inspiration, and planning. Just as the sun brings new colors and perspectives at the beginning of a new day, this is how Chef Gerardo prepares himself. Every minute counts and each minute is an opportunity to create something extraordinary.

Fueled by the force of nature, Chef Gerardo embarks on his daily journey with a clear objective: to select the freshest and most delicious ingredients that Mother Earth provides. Then, armed with this treasure trove of ingredients, he steps into his kitchen to breathe life into unique culinary creations.

His passion extends beyond the confines of the kitchen; it's a broader concept. He believes in the power of personal connection, visiting each client to deliver authentic culinary experiences and subtly crafts events that are both unique and flavorful.

"We take the time to achieve perfection in every dish, and we are very close to accomplishing it."

Gerardo E. Suárez


I wait for you on a culinary journey where the passion for cooking meets the freshness of nature, and where each dish is a masterpiece that celebrates life. Welcome to the world of Chef Gerardo!

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