“I am a designer of unique
experiences for every celebration.”



"We take pleasure in bringing to the table a set of experiences and sensations that dazzle the senses and linger in memory."

At GES Events, our commitment is to offer exquisite culinary creations, delicately designed, taking into account every detail of the occasion, lifestyle, character, and the individuality of each diner. Our catering proposal is exclusive and tailor-made, reflecting the essence and taste of our clients in every bite.

Culinary Design and Consultancy

"We design options for the entire food industry, understanding tastes in different regions and clients."

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, our culinary team has excelled in advising Caribbean resorts, creating recipe books for advertising campaigns, and conceptualizing gastronomic businesses. We collaborate with you to design innovative dishes that captivate both visually and gastronomically. Whether transforming your menu, improving service, or receiving expert advice, we are here to inspire you and turn your culinary dreams into deliciously memorable experiences.

Custom Nautical and Aerial Catering

"Because we understand that family and professional privacy is key."

Thanks to our deep knowledge of logistics and food handling, GES Events offers personalized nautical and aerial services. Enjoy the comfort and delicacy of having a chef on board in the privacy of your family or professional gatherings, with unique menus and special packaging to ensure freshness and maximize refrigeration space. Our certified chefs are equipped to provide exceptional service and handle the conditions inherent to an on-board kitchen.

Event Production and Planning

"We create atmospheres that invite enjoyment, contemplation, and harmony."

We design unforgettable events, exquisite attention, and original concepts to create unparalleled experiences. Our team of experts will guide you in choosing every detail, from innovative dishes and decorations to location and logistics. With a track record of over two decades of experience and hundreds of successful events, we have established our reputation as a leading company in event production and planning. GES Events takes pride in executing: Wedding Planning, Destination Events, and venue scouting, accompanying you to dream of that long-awaited moment and bring it to a magical reality.

Food Styling

"We discover beauty in everything that exists and recognize ourselves as co-creators to elevate it."

Chef Gerardo E. Suarez is an enthusiast of the art of presentation, aesthetics, and the play of colors. His specialized training in marketing and visual creativity makes him an expert leader. We work to achieve a unique and captivating visual harmony that conveys a story in every dish. Chef Gerardo has collaborated with renowned brands and editorial projects, committed to adding a touch of class and sophistication to every dish he touches and transforms your table.

A celebration begins with a spectacular table filled with details, colors, and aromas.

The design of a table and the combination of each element are fundamental to offer an experience that awakens all the senses in every diner.

The elegance and sobriety of the table are part of a celebration where different dishes will be presented in perfect harmony, exquisitely unique, and unforgettable.